Fair trade in the Fashion Market: Yarn Glory’s case

Wear It Fair continue to highlight and support environmentally sustainable brands, that empower artisans at the grassroot level. 

We would like to introduce to you Yarn Glory. Yarn Glory  is a fair trade brand, originated and made in India. They provide fair wages and paid employment to women in rural areas, who would otherwise have very little or no work at all.

Most of the women who work for Yarn Glory are young or newly married with children.They employ a wide range of women of different ages.

Yarn Glory’s Founder , Anannya Sharma has been placed among a list of qualified designers,  under the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. She gives ongoing training and development in multiple skills and product diversification to the weavers. 

Her model of “social business”, involves:

  • Building a strategy with the female weavers to improve their making skills
  • Adopting modified designs and colour schemes and creating a range of diversified products 
  • Finding solutions to sell to Market to become profitable

Yarn Glory employ, predominantly young women. Some of these women are at the point of completing their education. Some of them have not married by their early twenties and some are young women who have young children. 

The one thing these women all have in common is that they are dedicated to the cause of ensuring  that their children will be educated and given opportunities, that perhaps they did not have. 

Yarn Glory also provide work for women, who are in their forties. In rural India, it can be a challenge for women of this age group, to find suitable work. Much of the employment available to women is heavy labouring work or work in the fields. So, for women of this age group; they  no longer physically able to do this type of strenuous work. 

Weaving  is really ideal for them, as it does not require physical fitness. More mature women, will often have more time available to work, as their children are no longer so young. These women do still need to earn money to provide for their families – perhaps to help improve the future prospects of their grandchildren too. 

We are delighted to introduce to you some of the Yarn Glory artisans we’ve interviewed:


We are so delighted that these ladies shared their stories with us and with you. Also, in how supporting and buying a Yarn Glory scarf can help any one of these women to fulfill their dreams and vision for themselves and their lives.